Disease and Healing: Harmonizing Energy for Health

The tiniest disturbance in one energy field disturbs the others around it, and in turn these spread out to ultimately the farthest reaches of the cosmos. Whenever a disturbance in these fields drives the fields out of harmonious rhythm, this discordant pattern of energy radiates outward and in turn disturbs the surrounding fields it encounters. Once this original discordant energy is re-balanced or harmonized, all of the energy effected by the original disturbance will return to order. At the same time, if one introduces strong harmonizing energy to a matrix of discordant energy fields, this harmonizing energy may "entrain" the discordant elements of the system, or bring them into order and harmony. (Bentov, 36) When discordant energy is introduced to the human energy system, the unbalancing may produce disease. By introducing strong harmonizing energy to a discordant or "dis-eased" system, one can bring the system back into balance, or "heal" it.

Every organ, tissue and cell of a living being has its own unique frequency; measurement of its energy indicates a consistent vibration or resonance. Cells are essentially organic electromagnetic transceivers that emit and absorb high-frequency waves Extensive research has indeed shown that disruptions or imbalances in these frequencies correlate with disease, infection and injury. (Townsend)

As early as 1925 Georges Lakhovsky published a study that supported his theory that disease is the result of imbalance in cellular frequencies, or a "war of radiations" between the frequencies of the body's cells and those of bacteria, viruses or pathogens. If the energy of the pathogens is stronger than the frequencies of the healthy cells the balance is disrupted and the discordance produces disease. If they are unable to rebalance themselves, the cells die. If, however, the harmonious frequencies of the healthy cells are stronger, the microbes are killed and health is restored. (Tompkins and Bird, 184-5)

More recently, Royal Rife isolated what is believed to be the cancer microbe, and under a special microscope that allows full color spectrum viewing without harm to the subject, he found that this cancer microbe radiated a magenta-colored frequency. He also determined other frequencies that would kill this microbe and many other harmful microbes. Many people who volunteered themselves in his research were completely cured of cancer and other diseases. (Townsend)

Several alternative treatments directly aim to alter or balance electrical currents in the body through technology. Transcranial eletrotherapy is used to treat alcoholism, drug addiction, stress and pain. It's aim is to stabilize the neuroelectric environment by applying electrical currents through the skin. An electroacuscope measures and corrects areas of altered electrical activity in the body. In disease or an injury, the movement of ions between cells is blocked, causing detectable physical changes on the body. By restoring electrical balance to the body, medical doctors have used these devices to successfully treat pain, injury and disease. (Janiger and Goldberg)

As Above, So Below

Another avenue for healing through energy involves affecting the frequencies of the non-physical body or bodies, or the energy field surrounding the body. Clairvoyants and mystics maintain that the human body is the physical core of several layers of non-physical bodies, which correspond to successively higher frequencies of non-physical life. The first layer beyond the physical is usually called the etheric or the astral body, and it is this body that is said to be a template or pre-form for the physical body. Because it is a template of the ideal physical, when a limb is amputated, sensitives claim that the missing limb will continue to show up on the astral level. This phenomenon has been photographed through Kirlian photography on a plant, which shows the energetic outline of a whole leaf despite part of the leaf having been cut away.

This widely held spiritual belief that manifestation begins in the non-physical dimension and then manifests in the physical is supported by other research as well. Marcel Vogel discovered in microscopic research of magnified liquid crystal that through an "inner vision" or non-physical perception he was able to perceive activity not usually revealed in the microscopic field. He then developed methods of bringing these phenomena into the range of visual perception. He concluded from this research that crystals manifest from "pre-forms, or ghost images of pure energy which anticipate the solids." (Tompkins and Bird, 20)

If manifestation begins in the non-physical planes, then if one can affect the non-physical energy or "pre-form" one can influence the physical manifestation. Here is one probable mechanism underlying psycho-somatic illness and energy or spiritual healing.

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