Altered States of Consciousness and Extrasensory Perception

If everything is empty space with patterns of energy running through it, then it is these patterns, or the wavelengths or vibrations of these patterns that determine whether something is a car, a person, a thought, etc... Differences in these frequencies determine the exact form of the field in its every detail. There is a range of vibrations that compose ordinary human consciousness and manifestation on the physical plane. For example, our eyes perceive light frequencies between red and violet. We know that infrared and ultraviolet rays exist but they are beyond our visible range of perception. Our ears perceive sound waves between 20 and 20,000 Hz. Dogs can hear pitches that are higher. Just because people can't hear it doesn't mean the sound doesn't exist. We can't perceive x-rays or microwaves with our senses, but have developed technology that is more sensitive than our physical senses that can measure these waves. Vibrations existing outside of the of the range of the five human physical senses normally escape our conscious perception.

Clairvoyants and healers either come programmed with an expanded range of perception, or can alter the state or frequency of their of consciousness in order to perceive energy vibrations outside of the normal human range. Higher frequencies and forms are invisible to most humans because these higher frequencies are beyond our perception. (Bentov) Through altered states of consciousness one can expand the range of their perception to perceive these higher frequencies.

In Stalking the Wild Pendulum, Itzhak Bentov created a strong metaphor to demonstrate the relationship of altered states of consciousness to "extra-sensory perception." He compares consciousness to listening to a radio. When listening to a radio, the closest station broadcasting on a certain frequency is the one we hear, but there are many stations broadcasting on that frequency that we don't hear because of the noise of the one broadcasting that is closest to us. If we can selectively turn down the volume of that local station (or our physical consciousness), and turn up the volume of other stations we can perceive broadcasts that generally go unnoticed.

People with exceptional hearing (sensitives) may pick up the signals from the weaker stations despite the noise of the local one, but anyone who turns down that loud station should be able to perceive these signals as well. This is how one can develop "psychic abilities" through meditation, or learning how to quiet the consciousness. It is interesting to note that many "normal" people report paranormal experiences through dreams or during sleep-states, for at these times one's consciousness is naturally more quiet than during waking hours. (Bentov, 113-14)

Recall the analogy of thought to the movement of water, where dropping a pebble in the water produces waves that spread out and diminish in all directions, but pushing the water with one's hand allows one to direct the flow. Well, if the surface of the water is choppy and full of waves because it's constantly being bombarded with thought-boulders, it is unlikely that we'll notice the ripples of pebbles. By calming the surface of the water (quieting the consciousness) we can perceive the finer ripples or waves.

The Fine Line between Genius and Madness

When I first began consciously perceiving things (such as auras) that other people apparently weren't, I worried that I was going insane. I subsequently explored these events further and discovered that many people shared my experiences. As I had had no knowledge of these matters at the time I came to believe that what I had experienced was "real," and not manufactured through distortion of perceptions due to a malfunctioning brain.

It then occurred to me that perhaps the many people in mental institutions who see or hear things that "aren't there," are in fact simply perceiving energy beyond the normal human range of perception. I have since encountered this theory numerous times. What would separate these individuals from "psychics" is an inability to recognize that their experiences are extraordinary. The result is that they think everyone else is strange because they don't share their perceptions. In this scenario one might say that the "schizophrenic" was not trying to actively quiet his or her consciousness, or that local station, but in fact was perceiving an undifferentiated mixture of signals from several stations including the local one.

Healers: Receivers, Transmitters and Directors of Energy

Experiments have demonstrated that not only are those who are adept at quieting their consciousness better receivers of information via electromagnetic waves, but they are also better generators or channels of this energy.

A study of electrostatic charge on electrically-isolated meditators revealed that exceptional meditators can produce large surges in bodily electrostatic energy. The experiment compared 10 average meditators with 9 "'exceptional'" meditators (healers) in a Copper Wall Lab designed to electrically isolate the subjects from the ground. To detect electrostatic potential each meditator's body and the walls were "floated" on single-ended electrometer inputs. In 45 minute sessions, no body-potential surges reached 4 volts in the regular meditators, but in sessions with the healers surges ranged from 4 volts to 221 volts (with a median of 8.3 volts). When measuring the body-potential surges of the healers during a healing session, surges were recorded ranging from 4 volts to 190 volts. At the high end of this spectrum the surges are 105 times greater than EKG voltages and 106 times larger than EEG voltages, a phenomenon that can not be accounted for by any presently known biological processes. (Green)

A person adept at altering their state of consciousness can learn how to consciously receive and interpret energy or information from other living systems, to generate powerful energy surges themselves, and to direct the flow of this energy. These skills are the foundation of energy healing, or healing through the aura.

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