Interaction of Electromagnetic Fields

Research into the energetic aura surrounding plants and humans has found that non-biological electromagnetic waves have strong impacts on the energy fields surrounding living organisms, and even that the electromagnetic fields of living organisms interact with and affect each other. All living beings are in constant communication, even down to the cellular level.

The following two experiments demonstrate the effects of non-biological electromagnetic radiation on the human energy field. NASA conducted a series of experiments in which physicists altered the electromagnetic energy content of a special "shielded" room while maintaining other variables such as gravitational force and oxygen content at constant levels. When the electromagnetic energy of the room was decreased, auric fields were observed to become randomly disorganized, scattered and incoherent. Subjects reported disorientation and burst into tears as though their very lives were threatened. When the electromagnetic energy of the room was increased beyond normal levels, the auric fields returned to normal patterns and lightened in color with increased white vibrations. Subjects reported clear thinking and an expansion of their consciousness. (Free, 3-4)

Other studies of the effects of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by high-voltage power lines in North America reveal links between long-term exposure and cancer. For example, New York telephone cable splicers exhibited 165% more leukemia, 100% more brain cancer and 145% more prostate cancer than control subjects. Los Angeles children with cancer were twice as likely to live in houses near high power lines as controls. In Sweden, children living near high voltage lines exhibited 120% more leukemia, 120% more lymphoma and 420% more tumors of the nervous system than children not living near power lines. (Maxey)

Interaction of the electromagnetic energy of living organisms has been explored extensively and yielded some surprising results. Cleve Backster conducted experiments in which he removed oral white blood cells from a subject and then removed the cells from the subject's physical presence by a distance of a half-mile. The subject was then asked to watch television while the television was monitored for content and the cells were monitored for electrical potential. Interviews with the subject show correlations between periods of emotional arousal in the subject during the television viewing and the electrical activity of the cells. (Stone)

Backster subsequently experimented with his own cells, and found that he could cause them to react electrically to his thoughts. Sending them love resulted in a spike in electromagnetic energy, and the decision to use an antiseptic breath freshener (which would kill other cells in his mouth) produced an intense reaction in the cells. This apparent ability of living human cells to read a person's mind mirrors Backster's extensive previous experimentation that demonstrated that plants respond to people's thoughts, feelings, and especially their intentions. (Stone)

Not only do the energy fields of people and plants affect each other, but highly sophisticated measurements reveal that the tiniest change in any system in the body affects all other systems of the body in some manner. (Bentov, 58) How is it that these systems impact each other? The answer to this also provides a mechanism behind psi phenomena such as extrasensory perception, telepathy, and energy healing.

Everything, everyone, every action, every thought, every feeling--ALL is energy. Physicists have established that all life, indeed all matter, is empty space with matrices of oscillating fields of energy running through it, and that these waves of energy radiate out at the velocity of light into the farthest reaches of the cosmos and interact with all the other radiating waves.

The more researchers magnify and study the nature of matter, the more apparent it becomes that matter is not solid, but rather is empty space and moving energy. The very fibers of our physical bodies are mainly empty space!

If we take a section of muscle from our leg and magnify it we'll discover the muscle is composed of very ordered fibers. If we magnify the fibers we find long fibers made of organized, coiled long molecules. These molecules, magnified, reveal a highly ordered, essentially crystalline material. This material magnified dissolves into atoms clustered in groups, vibrating rapidly and rhythmically. Suppose we are able to magnify the atoms. At first we perceive indistinct balls pulsating about fixed molecular points. As we magnify further, we see less and less. The electron shell dissolves under magnification to reveal a vacuum. An infinitesimal speck located in the relatively vast space of the atom suggests the nucleus. On a scale where the nucleus is 1mm, the radius of the electron orbit would be approximately 10 meters, the ratio being 1 to 10,000. The intervening space is a vacuum. Imagine magnifying the nucleus, which dissolves from a shadowy pulsation to reveal more vacuum, or empty space, etc... (Bentov, 35-6)

The microreality reveals that "solid" matter is in essence empty space filled with pulsating fields of energy. These fields interlock with neighboring fields as their waves radiate out into the cosmos. By our bodies' very nature as transmitters of energy, they are also receivers, as is true of man-made transmitters and receivers. In this way life is constantly in communication and interacting with everything else in the universe on subtle or generally imperceptible levels. This common basis of all things as interconnected energy is reminiscent of the "Oneness" of existence central to many spiritual philosophies.

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