Psychophysics: The Wave of the Future

In approaching the aura or electromagnetic human energy field from a scientific perspective, one must be prepared to expand on the traditional scientific approach in order to create a bridge between knowledge that has been established by traditional science and the core of knowledge shared between many metaphysical schools of thought.

The traditional focus of science on the mechanical processes involved in phenomena limits the scope of knowledge obtained to the physical or mechanical realm. While this approach has yielded a great deal of knowledge about the physical world, in order to adequately observe psi phenomena, or phenomena not explainable by known natural physical causes, one must expand the traditional mechanical model to include the non-physical dimension. Psi phenomena such as telekinesis, extra-sensory perception and spiritual healing contradict known physical law by transcending space and time. It is no wonder that "scientists" often conclude that psi phenomenon do not exist. They are trying to study five-dimensional phenomena through a three-dimensional model (the fourth dimension being occupied by time).

Traditional science typically stands at the edge of the known world and tries to move into new territory with only the maps of the already-conquered territory to guide them. A concrete example of this is the well-known belief in Europe before discovery of the Americas that the world was flat, and that nothing existed beyond the ocean which they saw disappearing into the distance. This approach by scientists tends to blind them to the potential scope of the vast unknown territory ahead. Pioneers, on the other hand, tend to use a plane (or boat) to fly into the wilderness and then work their way back, and in the process they create the maps for the less daring to follow after them.

Some of the greatest thinkers and inventors in history were such pioneers, and they often faced the same sort of scorn from the "establishment" that researchers of psi phenomena face today. A study of people historically recognized for their creative and innovative work led to the development of a six-step model of the creative process based on the words of these individuals. In order to even begin such a creative and innovative process, the study concluded that a person must possess a "capacity to see things without prejudice for the conventional." (Schwartz) That relatively few people possess such a capacity is the basis for the perceived chasm between "science" and "spiritual" understanding. While there is much work to be done in integrating these two spheres of thought, there is in actuality no true conflict between them.

What does this have to do with auras? Despite the skeptical reaction of many well-educated individuals to the existence of the aura, electromagnetic fields have been proven to exist around all living things. (Perhaps it is the educational process itself which teaches the "correct" approach to learning that in fact limits the ability of the well-educated to see beyond their prescribed window of perception). Hard data exist in abundance that illustrate the nature of life and all matter as empty space with patterns of energy running through it, and which also demonstrate the effects of the interactions of these subtle energy fields.

These studies have laid the foundation for a bridge between "science" and "spiritual or energy healing." Quantum theory extends current physical knowledge to provide us with models for understanding how psi phenomena may manifest, and is perhaps the best vehicle for crossing the unknown territory ahead. While quantum physics is a realm of theory rather than proven law, it provides us with working models that, so long as they encompass what is known and do not conflict with current understanding, provide valuable channels for establishing future foundations of knowledge and subsequently deeper exploration into the nature of life or consciousness. When we integrate "psychic" experience, scientific research and quantum theory, a model of energy healing and other psi phenomena can be developed that is harmonious, wholistic and enlightening.

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