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Utchat Archive

 Elizabeth Elon Omera  

October 2005-A Message for the Life Sustainers

January 2005-Principles of Self-Enlightenment

 August 2004-Intention

 June 2004 - All is One

 March 2004 - Spiritual Awakening: Two Streams of Future Probability

 January 2004 - Bible Prophecy, The Second Coming, and The Pole Shift

 December 2003-The Great Shift is Immanent and Already Happening

 November 2003-Solar Activity and Harmonic Concordance

August 2003-Channeled Message

May_2003-Is the Moment of the Great Shift at Hand?

 March 25, 2003 U.S. Blueprint For The Future?

 March 2003-Dr. Stephen Pelletiere, A Former CIA Analyst and retired Professor at the Army War College speaks about the manufactured conflict in Iraq

February_2003-Truth and Lies in Global Politics and the Push for Higher Evolution

Energy Report: January Through August 2003

January_2003-Share Your Opinion About Iraq With The White House

 November 2002-Get Out The 500 Sunscreen

August 2002-August Energies and Planetary Unrest

June 2002-A New Order is Being Born from Chaos

April 2002-Transforming the Collective Consciousness

January 2002-Integrating Light and Dark

September 2001-September 11 and World Events