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Spirit of Ra

    Elizabeth Elon Omera   


The Spirit of Ra can be metaphorically thought of as an Oversoul Essence from the Sixth Dimension Societal Consciousness, Ra. The purpose of this Essence embodiment on this planet at this time is to anchor the instreaming of Light (higher frequencies), and assist with Mankind’s Transition and Evolution. 

This site is not intended to portray the Egyptian deity, nor is it intended to imitate the entity channeled by Carla Rueckert McCarty.  Teachings from The Ra Material/Law of One books are offered under the Ra Material heading.  Ra Material/Law of One books can be purchased through L/L Research.

        The Oversoul Essence represented at this site  resonates to the sound vibration associated with the name Elizabeth Elon Omera.

Elizabeth is one called by God (according to Webster’s).  Elizabeth is the name of a soul extension who I perceive to have lived during the late 1800’s.  She had cerebral palsy, and the present day memory of that life has been a catalyst for many experiences which began to unfold on July 11, 1999.  According to the Mayan calendar, 1999 was the beginning of our Galactic cycle of evolution. Elizabeth Elon Omera can be thought of as a Galactic Emissary of Ra.

To understand the vibration associated with Elon, It is helpful to refer to the Keys of Enoch (Key 211).  The Keys to future “weights and measures” are given in the Light-vibrations of “The Sacred Names” which are the weights and measures of our molecular universe tracing energy into other Universes. The function of the “Meta,” the wavelength prefix for knowledge of the next universe, will be extended through wavelenths in the Sacred name “Metatron”.  (A little background may be appropriate here.  Shortly after July 11, 1999 I developed a very sudden and strong interest in theoretical physics.  I quickly realized that I was being taught basic principles of physics, primarily quantum theory, during meditation and dream time.)  I associate Elon, a word that came up repeatedly in meditation, with Metatron.  The El function represents the light conversion which is necessary for light to pass through new threshholds. On is a Place where Light is revealed by the Masters of Light for the teaching and education of the soul.  

Omera is pretty straight forward.  When this word kept coming up during meditation I inquired about it’s meaning.  I was told that Om represented the Cosmic vibration of the Universe, E was the Source tone, and Ra was a Sixth Dimension Societal Consciousness metaphorically representative of the Sun (Son), or Cosmic Christ-Consciousness (Unity Consciousness).  Omera is my soul name.

The information represented here reflects my personal experiences and perceptions, and is offered for your discernment. Thank you for visiting!  

Elizabeth Elon Omera