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The Ghost of a Rose

Consciousness Archive


When 'they' asked if I would be willing to write this article I admit that my initial response was, "Ooh...do I have to?" Of course the answer was, "no, you get to choose...but that throat blockage you are experiencing is related to refraining from sharing information that may be useful to others."  So, since you're reading this, the info is likely for you...and thank you for your part in relieving the blockage.

I have been noticing for awhile, but particularly since mid-May, the extreme influx of refined energies bombarding this planet.  Some days it seems so intense that I go into my self-imposed ashram.  When I meditate about the current high vibration energy phenomenon I am offered the suggestion to be quiet, listen, watch, and respond [vs. react].

As I quietly listen and watch, this is what I am observing:  Every Thing is being affected by this surge of highly refined energy.  We live in a You-niverse of polarity, and this influx of highly refined energy is having the effect of flushing out dense energy.  Picture a glass of mud that someone has just put a garden hose into and turned the water on full blast.  If you happen to be holding the glass, a good deal of that mud may end up on your face...not a particularly enjoyable experience while it's happening.  Bottom line is that anything that has been swept under the rug is being revealed/released/cleansed more quickly than ever before.

Though I personally have not been experiencing much of the flying mud, I have been observing it...and it's my understanding that my role in the observation is to play the role of a harmonizing influence.  Meaning that my role includes refraining from judgement of any of the "actors", understanding that there is much more going on at a deeper level, responding to that which comes to my awareness in the most compassionate way I am able, and remembering that the "actors" often lash out at [safe] targets such as the elderly, close friends, or loved ones.

Here are some examples of what I am observing:  The most obvious is at a macro level as portrayed with the Karl Rove/[Dick Cheney]/Valerie Plame incident becoming flushed out/exposed...or the extreme and intensifying weather [and seismic] conditions all over the planet. On a more personal level, I have recently observed communication related to a friend's family real estate transaction being twisted and distorted into something opposite of what was intended.  My friend has been the harmonizing/balancing influence in the transaction...and it's a good thing there were hip-waders and an umbrella close at hand because mud was flying.  Another situation involved an elderly friend who was told to vacate her place of many years residence.  Can you imagine what it might feel like to be close to 90 years old, on a fixed income, and almost blind, to have your landlord [who you thought to be a friend] show up unexpectedly and tell you that you have to move?  Change is often difficult, but even more so for the elderly.  (Though this is difficult, my friend was able to find an affordable place that will enable staying in a familiar environment and near long time friends.  I am convinced that my friend is under Divine protection.)  And in my own experience recent words and intentions seem to have been misinterpreted by someone dear to my heart.  Perhaps an indication of a cycle complete...there is always choice in the if, when, and how a cycle completes.  It can be graceful and kind...or unkind and painful.

Bottom line is the encouragement to be aware of the extreme currents as we collectively assimilate the massive changes taking place, and to be mindful of your thoughts and emotions in relationship to your intention toward others.  Ride the tide as best you are able, and be as compassionate, patient, and kind to others as you are able because we are all in this together.

(The title Ghost of a Rose is a song title that has meaning to a friend who, though no longer on earth plane, inspired this writing. I believe the rose is an appropriate metaphor for the beauty of the flower in contrast with the pain of the thorn.  Here's to you, my friend!)

    Elizabeth Elon Omera