What is Sound and Color Bio-Energetic Abreaction? 

Physics suggests that Every Thing is energy vibrating at different frequencies, and that our consciousness interacts with the subtle energies that underlie and sustain physical reality.   According to Isaac Newton and Pythagoras, color can be translated to sound frequencies.  In fact, Every Thing (including cells, bone, tissue and organs) has a resonant sound and color frequency. 

The physical body can be thought of as an electromagnetic module.  When the body (electromagnetic module)  is exposed to healthy sound and/or color frequencies, cells (which function as receptors and transmitters) tend to entrain to to the frequencies to which they are being exposed. Blockages are consequently ameliorated or relieved.  In essence, this very subtle therapy can be thought of as harmonic resonance entrainment.

What is a treatment like? 

As with Reiki or Magnified Healing, the client is fully clothed.  Custom-made tuning forks which have been precisely tuned to color frequencies based upon Dinshah and Pythagorean (Lambdoma Matrix) formulas are used in contact with the body on key acupuncture points, as well as on the energetic field surrounding the body.

Colorpuncture, or Colorpoint, will soon be available as an adjunct to the color/sound vibration associated with the tuning forks.